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DB Schenker has been an active participant in the Zelena firma Project for 12 years

For the 12th year, the Czech branch of the global logistics company DB Schenker has participated in the collection of old company and household electrical waste and batteries as part of the Zelena firma project. Employees from 11 large branches have collected and handed over over 26 tonnes of e-waste for subsequent ecological disposal and recycling in recent years. DB Schenker plans to involve other smaller branches in the project in the future.

Sustainability and respect for the environment is one of DB Schenker's core values, which is why the company has decided to set an example and participate in the Zelena firma project by placing collection containers for this type of waste at selected branches with a larger number of employees. The most important step in the recycling of electrical waste is the recovery of the discarded electrical appliances themselves.