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In January, the state will charge a further 900 km of 1st class roads

From 1 January 2020, the toll sections of Class I roads will be significantly expanded by 868 km for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

For example, the I/20 road between Pilsen and České Budějovice, the I/3 road from Benešov towards Tábor, the I/35 road from Hradec Králové towards Olomouc, as well as the I/43 road from Svitavy to Brno will also be subject to charging. The toll will be paid together on 1102 kilometres of Class I roads. We shall re-charge the newly incurred costs to individual shipments to our customers.

The operation of the original microwave toll system in the Czech Republic ended on Saturday 30 November 2019 at 12:00 p.m. Tolls on toll roads in the Czech Republic are also measured by the satellite system of the company CzechToll. Both systems are technologically incompatible, so the microwave system was shut down and the users gradually return the on-board units to the operator. From Sunday 0 December 2019 from 00:00, the toll vehicles on toll roads must be newly registered in the satellite toll system and equipped with a new on-board unit.