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MR & PR; Manager In Warehouse Checking Boxes,

Project Age Management – Support and development of our experienced colleagues

On 1st February 2018 we launched a project which is co-financed by the European Structural Fund under the Operational Programme Employment. The aim of this project is to introduce Age Management principles into work with our employees and thus respond to changes in the demographic structure of employees and their different needs in various age categories.

Within the framework of the project we will focus on increasing our employees’ knowledge, skills and competencies and also on making older employees more adaptable. We want to help employees in ensuring the continuity of their knowledge and skills by combining and interconnecting the strengths of colleagues in various age categories. We also believe that this will strengthen relationships throughout society as a whole and through day-to-day interaction will break down any negative age-related stereotypes and attitudes.

Through this project we would like to improve our employees’ competitiveness on the labour market, boost their self-confidence, help them to attain a better position in the team and also to acquire new competencies that can be applied on the current labour market, improve their physical condition and much more.

Project time frame: 1 February 2019 – 30 June 2021