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DB Schenker Fuel Card Scheme

We at DB Schenker are proud of the strong partnerships we have built with you, our hauliers. We are constantly striving to support and expand these partnerships. In cooperation with BP + ARAL, we have developed an innovative fuel card scheme that covers the whole of Europe. This scheme offers you attractive discounts on diesel fuel and even more for shipments you have forwarded for us.

BP/Aral fuel card

  • Tollbox for EETS
    Choose BP + Aral as your trusted EETS service partner and equip your vehicles with a state-of-the-art BP/Aral Tollbox for EETS (on-board unit). What‘s more, the BP/Aral fuel card lets you take advantage of a wide range of other on-road services.
  • Accepted throughout Europe:
    The BP/Aral fuel card gives your drivers access to a huge pan-European network of more than 22,000 stations in 29 countries – not only at filling stations belonging to the ROUTEX partners Aral, BP, Eni, OMV and Circle K, but at all TOTAL stations, too. In Germany, they are also more than welcome at Westfalen stations. That means you enjoy full mobility nationwide at a total of almost 4,400 filling stations.
  • Flexible service levels:
    For each individual fuel card, you are able to specify what goods and services your drivers are allowed to purchase.
  • Online services included:
    The practical management, analysis and monitoring tools at not only save you time and money, but also let you keep an eye on your vehicle fleet and the refuelling habits of your drivers.
  • Genuine security:
    A special hologram and a unique PIN code provide optimum protection in the event of theft or card misuse.

As a Drive4Schenker partner using the BP/Aral fuel card, you can save money every time you fill up with diesel at an Aral filling station in Germany. We have negotiated lucrative discounts for you with BP + Aral. What else? You also benefit from an advertising allowance on every single litre of diesel you purchase with the BP/Aral card at filling stations across Europe.

The DB Schenker discount applies immediately:
If you already have an BP/ARAL fuel card in use at DB Schenker for transports, then you can secure the additional 1.26 cents net for your refuelling in the DB Schenker business with immediate effect.

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How can I take part?

The DB Schenker Fuel Card scheme is open to all registered and certified DB Schenker hauliers. You benefit directly from the fuel-pump discounts negotiated with BP + ARAL and also receive an additional annual DB Schenker discount for every litre of diesel you have filled up with while transporting goods for us.

More money in your account - very easy in 6 steps:
  1. Apply for card
  2. Ask for/negotiate discounts
  3. Register for Drive4Schenker
  4. Drive for DB Schenker
  5. Request DB Schenker discount
  6. More money in your account