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No job is too hard or too heavy for us – that’s the motto of the experts at Schenker Deutschland AG when it comes to getting extremely large or heavy freight to its destination. The latest challenge was to transport a cylinder weighing 141 tons to Canada.

Borsig is a name that inspires respect - after all, it stands for 175 years of German industrial history. But not only that, the company has long since found its place in the modern globalized world. The company’s 622 employees supply refrigeration, compression and heating equipment for entire industrial plants.
Borsig recently produced a gigantic special heat exchanger for a fertilizer factory in Edmonton, Canada. The problem was that the cylinder weighed in at an impressive 141 tons – and the distance between Berlin and Edmonton is almost 7,200 kilometers as the crow flies.

No problem at all, however, for the transportation specialists at DB Schenker: “The colleagues in Canada asked us to help handle this order. This is a good example of a door-to-door transport chain,” said Karl Hammerschmidt, Head of the Special Transports department at Schenker Deutschland AG.
For three whole months, experts at DB Schenker in Germany and Canada planned the heavyweight transport in minute detail.
In the first stage of the journey at Borsighafen in Berlin, a mobile 1,000-ton crane loaded the 16-meter long cylinder onto a barge, which carried it to Aken on the River Elbe. At the port in Aken, a crane transshipped the heat exchanger onto a DB Schenker heavy-load transporter which took the freight to Leipzig/Halle Airport using one pulling and one pushing truck. The entire convoy, including the two trucks, measured a total length of 51 meters. The next day, the freight was loaded into the six-engine Antonov An-225, the largest air freight carrier in the world.

The Antonov was chartered from Karpeles Flight Services, the DB Schenker specialist for aircraft leasing. Special tracked vehicles were used to pull the cylinder up a ramp on board the aircraft. The airplane flew over Iceland to Canada, where the DB Schenker Canadian national company arranged for onward transport to the fertilizer factory near Edmonton.
On arrival at the factory, the giant will cool down process gas from 1000 to 500 degrees Celsius and generate high-pressure steam.