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Vertical Market Start-ups

Simply having a good idea is not enough to secure long-term success as a start-up. Before you can say "fulfillment," logistics issues are rearing up, demanding your full attention. Should you choose to ignore them, the development of your business could be at risk. DB Schenker can help to combat such problems with its Vertical Market Start-up initiative.

A suitable logistics provider can assist your start-up in many areas – for instance in replenishment planning. In the role of chief storekeeper, as it were, it keeps an eye on inventory levels and triggers repeat orders as soon as stock has dropped to a defined minimum.

As well as this essential task, we can also help to accelerate the fulfillment process, assuming the right communication is in place. We recommend that companies have an interface between their online store and logistics specialists. This means that when an order is placed, it is forwarded directly to the logistics company, which can react immediately and ship the item without the need for consultation. Efficiency in this chain is all the more important when the customer wishes to receive the order fast. Expectations are high, as are the demands on processing the sale – it often has to be quick enough to enable same-day delivery.

As your logistics partner, we can also relieve you of the work involved in conducting product and customer analyses. We deal with returned items, which means that we are in the best position to identify patterns such as three out of ten products sold always coming back. We collate such data and prepare it for use in quality optimization projects.

With us looking after the logistics, you and your start-up are free to concentrate on your core activities, such as finding new investors and markets or optimizing your store.

We would be happy to advise you in the pre-seed phase and before your market launch.