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Ukraine Crisis Update

Aug 10, 2022

Latest operational updates

  • Ukraine:
    Land Transport: Transports and traffic with Ukraine are allowed for system freight and road brokerage. Please reach out to your local DB Schenker contact beforehand to get pre agreement.
    Ocean Freight: There is no possibility of direct deliveries to the ports of Ukraine. Transports can be arranged via various European ports with on-carriage on the land side under special conditions. Please contact your local DB Schenker office for further information.
  • Belarus:
    Groupage: Traffic to and from Belarus will continue via Warsaw, but without ADR and Italian Cargo.
    Direct Freight: Please reach out to your local DB Schenker contact.
  • Russia: International transport to/from Russia (land transport, air and ocean freight) is suspended. Exceptions apply for medical goods and baby nutrition.
  • Flight operation services: The international sanctions against Russian carriers, the closure of Russian airspace and the associated daily changes in circumstances are increasing the volatility of the market. In addition, fuel prices are rising. Some of the important carriers are currently not available to DB Schenker and overall capacity has dropped in the market, resulting in severe shortage of available freight space and shipment backlog due to cancellations, which is now causing both the rates and the transit times to increase to a new all-time high. Please contact your local DB Schenker branch for further information.

Please be aware that the conflict also has the potential to affect consignments to and from other eastern European countries.

So far, all other consignments are running as usual. We are working on contingency plans for a number of different scenarios, and will inform you of any major changes.

If you have ongoing or planned shipments to or from Ukraine, Russia or Belarus, please do not hesitate to contact your local DB Schenker point of contact.

Our thoughts are with our colleagues in the Ukraine. We are observing the situation closely, are in constant exchange with the Ukrainian team and will keep you posted about any major changes of the situation.

This information is supplied without liability.