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Air Freight Security

The European regulations (EU regulations 300/2008; 185/2010 and 2015/1998) on airfreight security standards have been set into full effect as since April 29th 2013.

Since this date, only air freight originating from officially certified "Known Consignors (KC)” could be considered "SECURED" for all type of aircrafts (passenger & freighter) and brought into the air freight supply chain without physical security check.

This “KC” - status can only be obtained by airfreight shippers through an elaborate and sometimes costly certification process conducted by authorities.

In Germany the Luftfahrtbundesamt (LBA) is the appropriate airfreight security authority. Responsible for applying for such a status is solely the airfreight shipper. The forwarder has no influence on decision of the shipper and could only offer some advisory service.
The alternative physical security check has to be conducted by officially certified “Regulated Agent (RA)” (usually forwarders, Handling Agents, Airlines). This physical security check is usually done by X-Ray machine; but other methods are also possible, sometimes as a required additional measure.

At the end the applicable method(s) depend on locally certified processes and on the weight, dimensions and contents of the freight pieces.

Schenker Deutschland AG is an officially certified Regulated Agent and operates several X-Ray machines at major German Airports and also offer additional security check capabilities, certified by German authorities.
As of April, 1st 2016 the other remaining alternative EU security status of a so called “Account consignor (AC) ” (>appointed by Regulated Agent ; security status “SCO” means Freight considered “secured” on freighter aircrafts only) has been suspended by German airfreight security authorities (LBA).

This means Regulated Agents in Germany are not allowed to appoint these Account consignors any longer and freight with respective “Security Status - SCO” is no longer accepted for uplift ex German Airports; this also includes  SCO- shipments originating from other European Countries!

Therefore freight under this “security status” has to be treated in the same way as “unsecured” cargo and therefore applicable to standard physical check(s) before loading into an aircraft.

In case you have any questions regarding EU/German airfreight security regulations please see links (i.e. LBA website) below or contact your local Schenker branch office for options and prices.

External Link: LBA (english Website)
External Link: LBA - Aviation Security