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Air freight – current information

Get an overview of current topics and market events in air freight here.

The recently introduced corona measures in Chengdu have been extended (see update September 1st). The airport employees are subject to a strict corona process, but overall operation is running.

Deliveries to customers and recipients are possible if the factory is open or operation continues. Many recipients have closed, so the import terminal warehouse is filled.

Before sending your goods, please check whether your recipient can accept the shipment.

Due to an upcoming national congress, an embargo on the following goods seems to have been declared with immediate effect in September and October:

  • Explosive, toxic and radioactive cargo
  • Oversized and/or heavy cargo that cannot pass the X-ray machine (export PEK)

Class 9 Dangerous Goods can continue to be shipped as usual during the period. The measures apply to import and export shipments.

Chengdu will start static management across the city at 6 pm, with residents required to stay home and unnecessary businesses suspended, to curb further expansion of an ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in the city. All citizens are advised not to leave the city if not necessary.

Please consider possible delays for your shipments to and from CTU. So far there have been no restrictions at the airport or with truck traffic.

The Cockpit Association has called for a day-long pilot strike for Friday, September 2. Changes and cancellations in the Lufthansa Cargo flight schedule are to be expected. All Lufthansa Cargo flights that are planned to land in Frankfurt on September 2 will be operated. Furthermore, the B777F rotations scheduled for September 2 will be maintained.

We are doing everything to use alternatives and rebook shipments. Despite all this, restrictions and possible delays are to be expected. We ask you to take this into account.

Area South is closed beginning on September 10, opening September 13.

Area East is closed beginning on September 10, opening September 13.

Area North is closed beginning on September 10, opening September 13.

Taiwan is closed beginning on September 9, opening September 12.

Hong Kong is closed beginning on September 12, opening September 13.

Effective September 1, 2022, all Cargolux flight operations will be switched to Zhengzhou’s new North Cargo terminal.

As a result, the last flights handled in the West Cargo terminal will be: CV9733/31AUG, CV7303/31AUG.

In Chongqing and in the province of Sichuan, industrial power consumption has been restricted by the authorities. As a result, much of the industrial production has ceased.

Due to the heat, the measure is currently scheduled until August 20 or 24 in Chongqing.

Air China Cargo has suspended all freighter connections to PEK and PVG from Frankfurt until further notice. Passenger flights will also be reduced. Some flights are rebooked to alternative airports of departure, in the light of a tense pilot and staff situation as well as the known circumstances at Fraport in Frankfurt.

From Wednesday morning, July 27 at 3:45 a.m., to Thursday morning, July 28 at 6:00 a.m., the LH ground staff will be on strike. Cancellations of passenger flights and limited freight connections to and from other German airports are to be expected. Belly capacities will only be available to a very limited extent. We will take this into account in our planning and if necessary, will book your shipments on alternative connections.

Your DB Schenker Air Freight Team in Germany

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