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DB SCHENKERsystem is the highly-developed standard product for a seamless connection with your major supply and sales markets. With short regular delivery times and dispatch tracking. For general cargo. Here you benefit from the lean production processes at DB Schenker. We are happy to pass on the cost benefits of this economical handling to you.

Additional services

DB SCHENKERsystem extra light is our individual supplement to DB SCHENKERsystem. We deliver door-to-door and to the floor you specify and return packaging material.

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Do you need exact scheduling? Do you count on the recipient receiving your goods on a specific day? We make sure your goods arrive exactly when you want them to.

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Teaser: In the field of logistics, the economic success of the industry and the trade is increasingly determined by the ability and flexibility to deliver and not just by the factors of stock minimization, time of transportation and level of reliability. Your logistics partner has organized itself around this point - with DB SCHENKERspeed, the delivery deadline service for Germany. With a money-back guarantee and a high level of insurance protection!

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Ancillary Fees

Costs for petrol and diesel are becoming more and more subject to immense variabilities and thus they constitute an incalculable cost factor. At Schenker Deutschland AG fuel costs continue to constitute about 12 percent of the total haulage costs for general cargo/network transports. The percentage for part and complete loads is significantly higher.

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