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Container cleaning

Europac has a comprehensive network of modern container cleaning facilities for small and large cargo carriers, lids, trays, layer pads and thermoforming sheets.

Every use is followed by another use, and the same question always arises: Does the reusable container have to be cleaned or does it still meet the quality specifications for the next cycle? For reasons of efficiency, many companies put everything under the shower because the 100-percent visual inspection is time-consuming, not very reliable, and also cost-intensive.

Full service for all aspects of container cleaning

Europac organizes the cleaning of small and large cargo carriers as well as other plastic containers, inserts and lids. The cleaned containers are delivered according to customer specifications—sorted by type or as a set with lid and inlay. For units that do not go back into circulation immediately, there is the option of temporary storage until the next call.

Europac handles container cleaning uniformly nationwide. We have a dense network of single- and multi-lane facilities. For our customers, this means short transportation routes and fast availability.

More information on container cleaning can be found in the background article "Metal chips and dung"

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