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Container cleaning

Our nationwide network of container cleaning equipment and close cooperation with the offices of Schenker Deutschland AG mean that you not only benefit from short transport distances. Your empties will also be ready to be used again as quickly as possible.

Let us clean your empties, whether they are small load carriers, large load carriers, covers, trays, thermoformed sheets, or packing inserts.

We offer special services in addition to the usual services, such as manual pre-cleaning, washing, rinsing, drying, and final quality control.


We can pick your empties sorted by type or as full pack sets. This enables quick access to ensure smooth production workflows. Picking includes pre-sorting, packing, stretch wrapping, and taping your washed containers.


Once your containers are clean, we can store them at our depots so they're ready for their next assignment. They can be retrieved at any time as needed. State-of-the-art warehouse technology and reliable inventory management are standard at DB SCHENKEReuropac so that we can offer you premium service.


Let us manage all of your empties processes. We even take care of the entire empties management process and loading product management process.

Handling the operations for clean containers and delivering clean containers on time is part of our day-to-day business. We manage inventories, accounting, and account audits so that you know what's happening with your empties at all times.

Residual contamination analysis

We can create a residual contamination analysis on request to document the residual contamination values achieved. We analyze components in accordance with German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) Volume 19 and customer specifications at our test lab.

Latest technologies

We use the latest technologies for cleaning containers. This includes fully automated, contactless, and anti-static air cleaning. Traymaster machinery does an exceptional job of cleaning highly sensitive trays, plastic crates, covers, and similar components up to 800 x 600 mm in size.

Cleaning in cleanroom conditions

Alongside standard cleaning (residual contamination at approx. 200 - 600 μ), DB SCHENKEReuropac also offers cleaning in cleanroom conditions at selected locations. Containers are cleaned mechanically in cleanroom conditions in accordance with EN ISO 14644.
Packaging that uses materials free of all particulate matter is absolutely essential, especially for semi-conductor products, optics, laser technology, and aviation and aerospace engineering. Cleaning in cleanroom conditions makes it possible to achieve residual contamination values below 200 µ.