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Industrial Packaging

When plants or machines go on a long journey, immense values are on the way. That's when we think big when it comes to packaging. Whether the machine goes to a customer or changes location within the company: Involve Europac's packaging specialists in good time!

Production machines and other manufacturing facilities sometimes have imposing dimensions. In most cases, they cannot be broken down into manageable individual parts and have to be transported in extra-long and extra-wide crates. Robust packaging is then required to protect the capital goods safely on their way by road or sea. It is not uncommon for the goods to be transported over thousands of kilometres and through several climate zones.

Europac advises industrial customers on the design and construction of their packaging. A custom-made wooden crate is often the method of choice.  Side lengths of ten metres and more are nothing unusual. But the crate alone is by no means enough. Water-vapour-tight aluminium composite bonnets wrap tightly around the parts and protect them from corrosion. Desiccants also keep moisture away from the systems and machines. The components, which weigh several tonnes, have to be fixed to the floor.  Loading such a box requires experience and a sure instinct. Europac also assists with this. We design and deliver the right packaging and pack your parts on site.

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