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Packaging Development

What does the right packaging look like? Material. Shape. Reusable. Disposable. Every product requires an individual solution. Many things are available off the shelf. If nothing suitable can be found, we will develop it for you.

We strongly believe that the optimal packaging can be found for every product. Plenty of solutions are available in our web shop. We develop everything else together with our customers—ideally when the product itself is still in the development stage.

For us, packaging development involves everything from the first hand sketch to prototyping and transportation testing for use in series production. And of course we can also supply the packaging. We focus on the simulation of practical loads. For this purpose we use the following, among other things:

  • Dynamic shaker
  • Drop test device
  • Inclined plane
  • Climate chamber

We use the compression press to simulate stacking pressure, and we vary the temperature and humidity in the climate chamber. The salt spray chamber creates humid sea air, and we can also simulate rain.

Further Services & Solutions