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  • DB SCHENKEReuropac provides an overview of the depots and distribution centers
  • Empties deliveries or collections at the depot must be registered on the preceding day
  • There is no minimum quantity for delivery/collection

Quantity and quality control

  • When delivering empties, a quantity and quality control procedure is carried out by the receiving party
  • When accepting empties, there is an acknowledgment of receipt regarding the quantity of exchangeable euro pallets and euro pallet cages

Account management

  • Keeping an exchange account based on existing receipts
  • The exchange account must be reconciled with written confirmation by the end of the following month at the latest

Pallet exchange fees

  • An exchange fee is due per euro pallet or euro pallet cage transported
  • In the event of financial liabilities in the monthly closing balance owed to DB SCHENKEReuropac, rental charges are due
  • Euro pallets or euro pallet cages delivered in a faulty condition are listed as exchangeable in the account balance, but are identified separately in the account.
  • In this instance, DB SCHENKEReuropac is authorized to charge a repair flat fee
  • Monthly billing by DB SCHENKEReuropac carried out according to the account transactions