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Stretch Film Optimization

For some, stretch film is a nuisance.

We regard stretch film as an elementary part of load securing and packaging that deserves more attention.

Enormous amounts of film are used when stretching pallets. Do the shipping staff know how much material is required and how many meters they may be unnecessarily unwinding from the roll? Could the film be a little thinner? Some shippers achieve the same protective effect with film that is 50 or even 70 percent thinner than what was previously used. It is not uncommon for stretch film optimization to result in shipping saving several meters per pallet with the same film—without sacrificing load security. We would be happy to provide you with competent and comprehensive advice.

Optimize film use—reduce material waste

We carry out film tests for you directly on site (including as-is assessment). For this purpose, we measure the performance of the stretch machine and the stretched loading unit. Less material consumption also means less frequent changeovers. You save plastic, time, and costs while contributing to more sustainability in logistics.

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