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Project- and office moves as well as space and facility management are widely offered on the market. We know that the sole execution is not sufficient and support you in your strategic orientation.
The basis is outlined in our Consulting Concept which is structured into the previous planning, the guidance to the physical execution and an extensive wrap-up.

The presented services demonstrate the structure of our methods. Together we adjust every step to your requirements and refine your ideas with our experience.

During the strategic relocation management we record and understand your expectations and restrictions and define overall and stage objectives with you. Together we decide on schedules and procedures.

We picture your layout and area-configuration – down to the finest detail. With the use of high-performance CAD-planning we develop the As-Is allocation of your organization within its new surroundings.

Personal cooperation and constant agreement define the basis of our work - starting out with the kick-off meeting on to frequent information conferences for you and your employees to exchange updates on time restrictions and special developments.

We unite all parties at one table and coordinate a communication structure. We define decision processes and chair discussions on conflicts of objectives.

After recording your structures we analyze them regarding sustainable exploitabilities while following your objectives.
This way, we reduce running costs - from building or renovating to complete architectural services.

With the information on the As-Is situation of your storage structure we create a concept for warehousing and equipment.