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Private Relocations

Our removal specialists are well trained in handling fragile or valuable objects and the set-up and dismantling of complete units whether it be an office or a fitted kitchen.

Our qualified specialists at DB SCHENKERmove provide you with comprehensive advice to your upcoming move and can draw up a detailed offer for you at no charge. Whatever you entrust us with - your valuable equipment, computers and entertainment electronics, works of art and documents - we treat them with due care. Damage-free transportation requires tailor-made packing. By employing special transport packers your possessions are ideally protected during the move and reach their destination protected from impact and vibrations. Our specialists not only use their expertise, but also ultramodern equipment. Air-suspension removal vans and elevating platforms are used to deliver everything safe and sound to their place of destination.

Individual Planning right from the start:

The major share of the work has already been completed before things commence properly. The provision of intensive consultancy ensures a problem-free move. You can go away on holiday during the move and then take up residence at your new domicile at your leisure. If you are completely relocating abroad, we can not only take on the job of providing punctual transportation but can also settle the consular formalities and customs clearance.

We provide:

  • Moves within Germany and Europe
  • Overseas moves
  • Professional packing
  • Storage
  • Customs clearance

Our Service:

  • Qualified and individual consultancy
  • Detailed offer

Our Strengths:

  • Trained packing professionals
  • Extensive range of equipment,
  • Our own fleet of vehicles
  • Environmentally friendly packing material
  • Air-suspension removal vehicles
  • Exterior elevators

Quality Standards:

DB SCHENKERmove is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 process controlled logistics and relocation for national and international removals and storage which meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 12522 Part 1 + 2.

Tips on removals for private individuals

Our A - Z list of tips so that you do not forget anything when you plan your move.

Thoroughly sort out what you would like to dispose of ahead of the move . This saves removal costs. Find out from your local authorities what options there are and how disposal and recycling are handled.

  • Visa: Apply for a visa for yourself and your family if required at the consulate of the country you are moving to.
  • Vaccinations: Before moving abroad it is advisable to go for a general check-up. Your family doctor will take care of the necessary vaccinations and prescribe medication if necessary.
  • Customs questions: We can inform you about import regulations for your car, electrical appliances, valuables, pets, plants etc.
  • Health insurance: Apply to your health care organization for an overview of services available.
  • Passport: Check well ahead of the move that your documents are still valid.
  • Work permit: Obtain your work permit from your new employer.
  • Insurance: Talk to us about transport insurance.
  • Storage: Should you not be able or not wish to take certain items with you, you can have them stored.
  • VAT refund: Purchases made before the move can be exempt from VAT in some cases. You can find out more from your contact partner.

Keep all receipts obtained in connection with removal expenses for your next wage or income tax return.

Make a plan of how you would like to furnish your new home.

Clean the curtains and carpets well ahead of the move.

Have these confirmed in writing.

On the big day don't forget the following points:

  • If required, organize child care.
  • If necessary, inform the janitor so that he can assure use of the lift, for example.
  • Let the neighbors know the removal dates so that they can be prepared for the disturbance.
  • Obtain refuse sacks.
  • Personal needs: Things that you need on the day of the move should be packed separately: Keys, clothing, flannel soap and towels, medical case, baby needs, toys, pet food, cleaning equipment etc.
  • Valuables: Pack all valuables separately and transport them as far as possible personally.
  • Tools: On the day of the move have a small tool bag handy containing hammer, pliers, screwdriver and other tools.
  • Plants: Provide large plants with a support and water them well once again before the move (except when there is a risk of frost).
  • Defrost fridge/deep freeze in good time.

Advice on all legal questions (tenancy agreements, deposits, real estate agent fees or minor repairs) can be found, for example, on or and on many other internet sites.

Clarify in detail whether and which renovation work has to be done before the old home is handed over.

All provisions should as far as possible be used up before the move.

Don't forget to make the necessary notifications of a change of address:

  • If required school/nursery school
  • Telephone/cable connection
  • Energy provider: Water/gas/electricity/district heating
  • Forwarding address for post
  • Banks: direct debits and standing orders
  • Insurances
  • Residents registration office
  • Tax office
  • Employment office (child allowance / student assistance)
  • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • Clubs and associations

Apply to your employer for leave well in advance

Speak to your landlord or new tenant about acquiring facilities such as fitted kitchens, floor coverings, antenna or lighting. Determine if you would like to take anything over from the previous tenant at your new home.