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DB SCHENKERfactorymove

DB SCHENKERfactorymove leverages the wealth of accumulated experience from the DB SCHENKERspecial and DB SCHENKERmove divisions.

We don’t just move the office equipment - we relocate machine tools that weigh tons and entire manufacturing plants. Our reliable timing allows you to focus on production while we take care of transportation. In other words, factory relocation that runs like clockwork.

Office equipment and machinery

Moving offices and relocating companies are complex projects that sometimes involve special transports and sometimes require classic removal logistics. You need smooth and comprehensive planning as well as professionals to implement it.

DB Schenker offers a full range of services tailored to the special needs of your administration and production.

  • All office furnishings and technical equipment - when we say we move everything, we don’t just mean your furniture - we handle computers, office equipment and archives and the shelves that go with them.
  • All machinery - we disassemble, transport and reassemble everything at the new location. Of course we have engineers, technicians and the right equipment to handle all your requirements.

Planning and budgeting

Planning and budgeting are in the hands of experienced project managers. They inspect the sites and work with you to put together detailed schedules and budgets - all in accordance with your requirements. They also coordinate the preparatory work and monitor the entire implementation of the move. You enjoy the benefits of a reliable schedule and an accurate budget.


As a leading logistics service provider, DB Schenker has all the special vehicles and modern technical equipment required to offer you services ranging from perfect packaging and containers to safe transport of expensive and sensitive machines and equipment. In Germany, in Europe and worldwide.

We offer company relocations and office moves for:

  • Industrial firms
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Clinics and laboratories
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Service companies
  • Government offices
  • Workshops

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