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Special Products Truck Crane

In-plant transports

The transfer of extremely heavy equipment and production facilities also requires an expert provider of logistics services.

We are able to offer our customers wide-ranging support for projects such as these:

  • Advice, planning and on-site inspection
  • Customized services and estimates to suit individual requirements
  • Detailed route planning
  • Complete mechanical, hydraulic and electrical disassembly and reassembly of machines and equipment of all types
  • Implementation of in-plant machine transfers
  • Equipment for clean room transport and assembly
  • Maintenance work
  • Packing, storage, placement in shipping containers
  • Use of RFID technology as required

Naturally we offer the necessary equipment to accomplish these tasks, for example:

  • Heavy-duty rollers and hydraulic jacks
  • Air cushion technology
  • Hydraulic lifting platforms
  • Electric stair climbers
  • Heavy-duty forklifts and heavy-duty cranes

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