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For DB Schenker, no two days are alike. As the world changes, we develop new ways to make transporting more efficient. Our leading global market position means that we do not wait for anyone else to come up with the solution.

We cooperate with several different research institutes and platooning projects on creating innovate digital solutions, e.g. driverless trucks. In that way, we design new solutions, which are more efficient and environmentally friendly not only to our customers but also to society as a whole, and so we have many good stories to share.

If you need photos or photos of a higher resolution, you may find these in the DB group media library here.

You will find the most recent press releases at the bottom of this page. Feel free to contact us, if you need further information or wish to book an in-depth interview. We also publish stories on our home page on an ongoing basis, allowing you to keep up with our everyday.

We also publish DB SchenkerNews, which is full of exciting news and stories. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter here. For more information on our newsletter, please click here.

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Press releases

Current information for journalists, inquiries regarding filming and photography permits, and requests to be added to our press mailing list.

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Our Media Stream

Visit our photo database to download images featuring all aspects of DB Schenker logistics services.

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