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Brexit is postponed again

Update October 28, 2019

A hard Brexit on October 31, 2019 is averted!

European Council President Donald Tusk confirms that Brexit has been postponed by three months, until 31 January 2020.

This means that there are currently no changes to our transport set-up. We will therefore continue with our standard timetables until other information is given.

Possible Brexit decision next month - are you prepared?

Updated September 27, 2019

The latest developments regarding Britain's exit from the EU allow for a Brexit exit without a deal by 31 October. DB Schenker is happy to help you with any challenges that may arise from a ‘hard’ Brexit. We will do our best to ensure that our customers experience the least possible pain and problems.

To provide the best possible information and to pass on information and knowledge, we continuously update our FAQ.

As an industry, we foresee that Brexit will have a major impact on customs and around customs formalities. We have therefore gathered relevant information on customs clearance and documents for goods transported to and from England here.

Read about customs clearance and the new issues, and review and prepare the necessary procedures and documents to get the most efficient transport and logistics solution.

Brexit can cause a new kind of congestion and queuing regardless of mode of transport, and administrative delays can occur, whether for customs clearance or otherwise during the period just before and after Brexit. This is to be expected because the customs authorities will implement new procedures about. Brexit. Therefore, be prepared that the transit time may be longer for transport of goods to or from the UK.

Therefore, please let us know in good time if you have a time-sensitive delivery, where delivery is urgent, so that we can give you the best possible service and guidance.

How are you affected by Brexit?

There is a great deal of complexity and uncertainty surrounding Brexit, how it affects the transport market and customs clearance. It is therefore expected that we may need to change and regulate our services, policies and procedures.

What does it mean to you? Call your daily DB Schenker contact and let us help you make your transport experience as positive as possible in the transition to a possible Brexit.

All tasks are performed in accordance with NSAB2015