Mads Lønborg

How did your career with DB Schenker start?

  • ”In 2001, I started as a Trainee in the Benelux department. Things developed, and I tried out new markets. Then, I was given the opportunity to become team manager and subsequently department manager in Kolding. I 2014, I was made Head of System, which is a department consisting of 20 fantastic employees and a market leader in the general cargo segment of western Denmark.
  • I have now been made Branch Manager of our Aarhus office and am about to change my place of work for the first time in 16 years. I am very excited and look forward to it, but I am also a little sad to say goodbye to my team and the Kolding office.”

How would you describe the work place DB Schenker?

  • ”It is an exciting place to work, where things are always happening. There are many opportunities to develop, both personally and professionally, due to the size of Schenker, both globally and in Denmark. We are blessed with a management team, who believe in their employees and wish to develop talents, and if you are a hard worker, are responsible and show that you can develop, then new opportunities come your way.”

In your opinion, what contributes to a good work environment?

  • ”The management believing in its employees makes all the difference to me. This attitude creates a good dynamic and motivates everyone to do their best to perform well as a business. The focus is on development and you are given the right support to grow with your responsibility and become sharp in your field.”

What opportunities have you had to develop your competences?

  • ”There are many opportunities with DB Schenker. Schenker offers a global executive training programme which I am currently undertaking, which means that I combine theoretical knowledge and sparring with others with practical experience in my everyday. It challenges me and makes me a better manager. When you have been employed with a company for 16 years, you stay because you are given new responsibilities and opportunities, and Schenker is good at this.”


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