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Your training

Transport and logistics are part of everyone’s everyday, it is just that very few people think about it, unless they run into problems. It is a matter of moving goods from A to B, planning everything to do with the transport and making the best use of capacity when packing goods and ensuring that all the paperwork is in order – including custom-house papers.

When a manufacturing company assembles component parts into a finished product, which is then to be sent on, freight forwarders ensure that the product makes its destination. This applies to electronics, food and everything you buy and use in your everyday.

Life as a freight forwarder trainee with DB Schenker

As a freight forwarder trainee with DB Schenker you are soon ready to work independently, handling both transports and customers.

During your DB Schenker trainee programme, you will work with transport, logistics, customer service, management of purchases and administration. You are trained in a minimum of two of our modes of transport, SEA, AIR, ROAD, RAIL as well as intermodal transports.

From day one, you will be collaborating with your colleagues and will quickly be assigned responsibility and make decisions. You will learn to remain calm under pressure even when things speed up, to consider the financial aspects of a business decision and to provide our customers with the best possible experience and service.

We offer a plethora of career options

If you have plenty of energy and are comfortable with taking on responsibility, then your options with us are limitless. Your 300 colleagues in Denmark are always ready to offer a helping hand and to help you identify the best solution.

Your training is YOUR responsibility. We provide you with the best option of successfully taking on the responsibility. As a freight forwarder trainee, you receive a salary during your traineeship – also when you attend school.

Once you have completed your training, you will have good prospects within the industry as well as with export and import companies.

Kick-start your career with a traineeship

What are your dreams? There are many options in an international company like DB Schenker.

We develop talents and as a trained freight forwarder, you are well positioned for advancement, as shown below. As we are an international company, you also have international career opportunities.