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DB Schenker is part of The Children’s Traffic School!

In cooperation with the Children's Traffic School, children are invited to a traffic playground, where they among the other things can get inside a truck and learn about right turn accidents and blind spots. The goal is clear: For the children to gain an understanding an understanding of traffic rules, so that they will be motivated to themselves move along safely in traffic. 

ow do right turn accidents happen? What is a blind spot and how big is i? What do all the traffic signs mean? All those things much more will be answered in the Children's traffic School. Trough play and movement, the children will learn about traffic rules and respect for cats, when they step into the mobile movement, the children will learn about traffic rules and respect for cars, when they step into the mobile traffic school which currently is touring the country in week 17, 18, and 19 at various Bilka Locations. 

”In our traffic class we have great focus on learning about right turns, and therefore the cooperation with DB Schenker is just the right thing. Both of us wishes for larger focus and attemntion to right turns, and with our joint venture with DB Schenker we will be at schools and events where you can get into a big truck and see with your own eyes what the driver sees, and especially what he does not see`,” tells Carsten, founder of The Children Traffic School. 

The traffic school consists of  a a blow-up traffic lane, where the children are guided on their bicycles through the lanes by traffic signs. Cuddly Cop and his police station is a regular part of the crew, and he is helping by checking the children's bikes. The children will also find a blow-up fire truck, bracelets and reflects, . Salling Group's mascot Billy the Wolf usually also stops by for some fun.

Focus on traffic safety year round

To minimize traffic accidents, especially for children that are new in the traffic, the traffic school gives a better understanding of where dangerous situations can occur. Especially for trucks it can be difficult to see bicyclists and that is why we have joined the project. ‘Safety and security are important in the traffic, and we know all about that since our drivers spend many hours on the road every day. Therefore, I think it is a fantastic project and a good opportunity to meet the kids at their own level with an important message,’ says Henrik Dam Larsen, CEO of DB Schenker.

During the year the traffic school visits different schools and teach traffic safety – and here a DB Schenker truck will join whenever possible, so the truck can be tested, and the children can climb into it. Various grades of classes have educational material which has been developed to that specific target group and age and there are classes up to 9th grade.

About The Children’s Traffic School:

At The Children’s Traffic School, traffic education is ‘the favorite child’. They educate children of all ages on the children’s terms and believes that the best way to learn is through play and movement. Everyone can join for free at the club: . Read more on