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Express speed across Europe in regulated temperatures!

Challenges abound in the logistics world, and when a shipment needs to be expedited this can have fatal consequences unless a logistic miracle is accomplished. Especially with sensitive temperature products, one day can make all the difference for the product.

Many customers have often found themselves in seemingly impossible situations, which eventually has been resolved by our Express Team. Regardless of whether the matter is oversize dimensions, special handling or just need for express delivery through Europe, we have managed to find the right solution.

Our customer Dechra Veterinary Products A/S needed help delivering animal medicine to a new customer in Barcelona…

Dechra Veterinary Products contacted us when the first delivery to a new customer was to take place. The goods consisted of several pallets of animal medicine with high demands for both temperature and delivering security. Besides that, the product demanded transportation under the correct conditions and rules. The team for Temperature Regulated Transports in Aalborg was assigned the job and found the right solutions, which they were able to accomplish one day early – which caused great excitement:

‘We have been extremely happy for the short but precise information flow for the duration of the process. The service has been impressive for the quick delivery, friendly and well-informed driver and good updating by email’ says Anne Schulz, who was responsible for the shipment at Dechra Veterinary Products.

Do you have a shipment that needs specific demands for temperature control during the transport, please send an email to or call +45 96 30 27 33.