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Wearable robots for healthier working conditions

DB Schenker has extensively investigated the use of exoskeletons at several logistics locations in Germany, in order to relieve warehouse personnel of physically-demanding tasks in the long term.
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Green light for self-propelled trucks on public roads

The Swedish Transport Agency has given the green light so DB Schenker and Einride can test a battery-powered self-driven truck on public roads. These are major steps towards a more environmental friendly set-up in the transport and logistics industry. This means that the daily transport between the DB Schenker terminal and the warehouse in Jönköping can start already this spring.
"Thanks to the collaboration with Einride, we can now introduce autonomous, fully electric trucks in a continuous logistics flow on public roads. This is a milestone in the journey towards the future transport system”, says Jochen Thewes, CEO DB Schenker

About T-pod
Einride's T-pod does not have a driver’s compartment, which means increased load capacity, increased flexibility, lower production costs, lower operating costs and optimized energy consumption - allowing it to be battery operational. The T-Pod is self-driven, but is monitored by an operator who can, if necessary, control the vehicle externally. An operator can control multiple vehicles simultaneously. The load is approx. 16 tons and it can run about 200 km on a load.

A safe solution
Heavy road transport accounts for a significant part of global emissions / CO2. The pilot project in Jönköping is a small but important step in the transition to a safe and more sustainable transport system. We are therefore happy to expand our business to public roads. The Swedish Transport Agency's decision is also an assurance that the solution is safe”, says Robert Falck, CEO and founder of Einride.

Approved pilot project
The Swedish Transport Agency and Einride have on the 7. March 2019 implemented a so-called Site Acceptance (SAT) - a test under actual operating conditions at the location in question. The Swedish Transport Agency subsequently assessed that Einride's T-pod is in accordance with the traffic regulation. The application for permission for pilot activity on public roads was therefore approved on the 11. March 2019.
The permit from the Swedish Transport Agency refers to a short public road in an industrial area where traffic is at low speed. The permit extends until the 31. December 2020. Jönköping Municipality has approved that the experimental activities can be carried out on the route in question.

Possibility of multiple installations
The agreement between Einride and DB Schenker concerns the pilot installation in Jönköping with the possibility of several installations for DB Schenker globally. Ericsson and Telia provides the installation in Jönköping with 5G-based communication.