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Important information about changes due to Brexit

The uncertainty about whether it will be a hard of soft Brexit is affecting the traffic to and from Great Britain. It has so far had the following consequences:

  • The French government is enforcing Customs control of all goods prior to arrival at the border to Great Britain and this causes waiting time of average 8 hours
  • The traffic situation at the tunnel of Calais and by the border between France and Belgium is very tense, causing long lines and waiting time
  • Due to the irregular transport flows, the terminal handling is affected, especially in France causing even longer handling time and effecting the flow of goods

The delays mean that we have had to add extra man power and trucks to handle the work causing our cost to go up. Therefore, a new surcharge is being introduced

New surcharge for export to Great Britain

We are adding Border Control fee per April 15, 2019 for System (goods under 2500 kg):

  • 3 EUR pr. 100 kg tax weight (min. 3 EUR pr. sending, max 200 EUR per shipment)

We are adding Border Control fee per April 15, 2019 for Direct (goods over 2500 kg):

  • 3 EUR pr. 100 kg tax weight (min. 3 EUR pr. sending, max 200 EUR)

New booking procedure for import and export

Since the possibility of hard Brexit on April 12, 2019 looms large, we wish to make sure that we follow all rules and regulations. From April 15, 2019 we will need the following information when you book transports to or from Great Britain:

  • Invoice with following:
    • Shipper and receiver
    • HS code
    • Currency
    • Invoice value for each product
    • Number of pieces
    • Country of origin
  • Customs Power of Attorney (if you have not given us one, you can find it here)
  • Packing List with description of goods, number of parcels and weight in kilo
  • Certificates, if needed
  • Part number for the products, if applicable

Last departure with old booking procedure and without documents is April 9, 2019.

You must apply for an EORI-number if you have not done this already – you can do that here. We also recommend that the English recipient applies for a TSP-number as this simplifies the procedure. Apply for one here.

Please include both on the invoice.

Additional Information

If you need more information or have questions, you are always welcome to contact us:

Customs mail:

Customs phone: +45 36 86 94 34 

Sales department mail:

Phone number: +45 36 86 95 00

We are following the situation as closely as possible and will do our utmost to minimize the effect on your transports. We ask for your understanding for the ever-changing situation and subsequent delays or new fees being implemented