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Innovation project with electric cargo bikes is a huge success in Norway

In several Norwegian urban cities has DB Schenker as the first transport company made the distribution more efficient by launching electric cargo bikes on the streets. It already makes a great impression for people, when the packages are delivered. Innovationsprojekt med eldrevne distributionscykler hitter i Norge

As most people know, it is much easier to get around riding a bike in the city rather than driving a big truck. That is why we are already benefitting after only a few months with the new e-bicycle distribution. Because, as Lars Sveen, Distribution Manager in DB Schenker Norway, explains: “We are 40 % more productive on a bike compared to a truck in the big city. At the same time, we saving CO2 emissions and thereby greener solutions. In addition, besides the better accessibility, we have another big advantage: Always easy parking. “

The new e-bikes have two boxes that can carry up to 300 kg of payload with parcels. The bikes’ batteries have a capacity of eight hours, which means that it only needs to recharge once every day. Every day, the deliveryman is stopped by people, who wants a picture of the e-bike. One of the deliverymen is Ion Gushtu, who loves the attention and exercise in the job: “It is very popular driving environmental friendly and I think people are appreciating the new initiative.” Ion has been driving around Bergen since 5th of March 2018.

The plan is to integrate the concept in five major cities: Oslo, Trondheim, Drammen, Kristiansand and Stavanger. The initiatives is praised by City Council Member in Oslo Robert Steen and Øyvind Leistad from Enova, who also will support a suggested microhub in the city center.