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Intelligent scanning glove implemented at warehouse in Germany

In the warehouse in Eching in Muenchen the ProGlove was to be tested, and turned out to be so effective, that the workers would not give them up, so they have now been implemented and productivity has risen markedly.

Intelligenter Scanhandschuh

ProGlove is a scanning unit, which scans bar codes while the worker is picking orders in the warehouse. This means that the worker can hold products and scan simultaneously, which is an advantage over a conventional scanner which you have to pick up, scan the bar code, put it down, remove the product to continue scanning – in total 40% faster than a conventional scanner.

The process is easy: In the glove is attached a lighting unit on the back of the hand which activates by pressing thumb and index finger together, and thereafter scan the bar code. Then the data is sent to a storage unit, for example number or next picking location.

‘The feedback from the warehouse personnel was very positive in the trial period, and I am convinced that ProGlove will lead to higher productivity in our Eching warehouse. An expansion of the warehouse facilities is planned and will be realized soon,’ tells Tom Schmitt, Chief commercial Officer and Board Member of Schenker AG.

Eching is the warehouse for production of auto parts for a leading German automotive producer. The work includes key warehouse functions such as incoming and outgoing logistics, warehousing of auto parts, handling of empties and repacking of disposable packing material into reusable packing material.