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Terms & Liability

DB Schenker’s general terms and conditions are based in NSAB 2015.

NSAB2015 is your guarantee that we always handle your transports in a safe and correct manner.

Generally, the transport conditions form the framework of how we provide our services – both in terms of the demands you, the customer, make of us and in terms of the demands we make of our customers.

Incoterms, which is an abbreviation of ”International Commercial Terms” is, basically, the name of a set of standardised terms in contracts of sale and purchase and, in national and international transports, they define the point in time when the risk is transferred from one party to another as well as the point in time when the goods are deemed to have been delivered. Incoterms are not a set of statutory provisions but a set of standardized terms and conditions of trade. 

Link to our Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance - click here