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New exciting partnership with Sport Event Denmark

How does a partnership between an event organization and a transport and logistics business look? The partnership creates new opportunities and shed light on the fact that we can do so much more than transport from A to B. Our event team handles multiple tasks such as handling, storage, transport and rental of equipment.

A new partnership is born

Back in December 2018 DB Schenker and Sport Event Denmark agreed on a working agreement valid for 2019. The agreement means that Sport Event Denmark is obligated to exclusively use DB Schenker as logistics partner and inform us about relevant sports events plus arrange meetings with the groups and associations that could be interesting and have need for assistance.

‘Sport Event Denmark has often need for special transport of materials, but also sometimes for storage and rental of equipment. Here we see DB Schenker as a strong partner. We are therefore happy to be partnering with DB Schenker in this area.’

- Lars Lundov, Director Sport Event Denmark

World Cup Cross Country needed help

The event took place Saturday March 30, 2019 in Aarhus. The event was special, because WC in Cross was combined with an exercise run – which is new. There were approx. 13,000-15,000 attendees at the event and 2500-3000 runners. Both before, during and after the event employees from DB Schenker attended the location to make sure that all took place as it should.

At WC in Cross we offered a Ramp Management Concept which meant that we controlled everything that arrived at the event. We were the middleman for everything which was delivered to our terminals, where they were distributing at the right time to the right locations. Anything from clothes for volunteers, medals, giveaways etc. Besides that, we also rented tools such as pallet jacks, ATVs, Manitov etc. to the event.

‘Fairs and Exhibitions are very honored by the responsibility entrusted to us by Dansk Atletik Forbund in connection with our cooperation with WC Cross Country 2019. At the same time, we are proud that our efforts have helped to relieve the team behind WXC so they could focus on their most important tasks. Besides that, it has been a great privilege to work with Dansk Atletik Forbund and the incredibly engaged persons that worked around the clock to make the event a success’

– Thomas Holm, Head of Fairs & Exhibitions DB Schenker Denmark

Through the working agreement with Sport Event Denmark we got in contact with WC in Cross Country which in 2019 was held in Denmark for the first time. Back in October 2018 we started meeting with them and all the way up to the event there has been close dialog between our Fairs & Exhibitions department and Dansk Atletik Forbund.

Our Ramp Management concept is popular because many customers wishes for more than just transport from A to B. We are always ready to help the customer with most possible solutions, also those that are not always obvious.

“We have been very pleased with the collaboration with DB Schenker in connection with the World Championship Cross in Aarhus. In addition to good guidance and help to solve the logistical tasks surrounding the event, it has been invaluable to have flexible and competent help in getting to the goal, with the challenges and urgent tasks we have been dealing with - for example. when the medals for the world champions stranded in Germany a few days before the settlement! ”

- Katrine Gribel Vorum, Project Leader VM Cross Country

The future holds possibilities

Next event on the program is Sport Accord Convention in Australia. Here we help Sport Event Denmark transport their goods to the other side of the globe. It is 16th time we are official forwarder for the event for which Denmark was host in 2017. ‘We have previously used their services ad have always received professional and quick help’ says Lars Lundov, Director of Sport Event Denmark

Fairs & Exhibitions

The department does not only move freight from A to B. The process starts already in the decision faze where our agents are meeting with and advising customers about the broad specter of transportation possibilities plus the risk around them. The customer service is in focus and together with the professional approach the team has great success

As a business you can get assistance with everything from fairs, events, sales meetings, transport of training equipment, production and tv equipment etc. The department act as advisers and coordinators of anything from the packaging of goods, safe transport to and from, risk evaluation, choice of transport, customs clearance ect.