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Cross-docking is an advanced but efficient logistics solution, which offers many advantages for your company. By using our cross-docking service and letting us handle part of your company’s sorting tasks, you save both time and money. In addition, it gives you the option of controlling your company’s entire supply chain from manufacturer to end user.

Streamline your company’s supply chain with DB Schenker

Our cross-docking service is an advanced logistics and transport solution, which consolidates your shipments from various suppliers. It reduces the number of deliveries and optimizes your supply chain which, in turn, creates a cheaper and more efficient transport process.

DB Schenker offers cross-docking anywhere in the world. This means that if your company receives many deliveries from a specific country, be it China, Germany or any other country, you may reap significant benefits.

Briefly, we collate all your deliveries from sub-suppliers at our warehouses and ship everything to you in one consignment. This means that you do not have to wait for several consignments and that your company may always keep its momentum.

Our productivity increases your productivity and sharpens your competitive edge

At our specialized cross-docking plants in Copenhagen and Taulov, we handle both parcels and general cargo shipments. When at full capacity, we process more than 1 million parcels per year at each location.

Our specialists are ready to both plan and coordinate your shipments. It will shorten your delivery time which will increase customer satisfaction which, in turn will contribute to increasing your company’s productivity and, thus, sharpen your competitive edge.

Moreover, by leaving it to us, you will save on costs related to the storage of goods in your own warehouses.

Our staff inspect all shipments carefully, which guarantees that all goods are intact both when shipped from our warehouse and while in transit.

Track your shipments through our tracking service

As an added bonus, through our tracking service, you are able to stay updated on container arrivals, deviations, customs processing as well as on status events from the time of receipt.   

In that way, you may follow the global progress of your shipments.

Contact us today for further information

Our experts are always ready at the telephone to give you an idea of how much you may optimize your business by using our cross-docking facilities.

DB Schenker provides you with a tailormade solution, which is adapted to your needs in relation to price, time of delivery and type of transport.

Contact us today and let us find the right solution for your company.

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