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Information & surcharges

Practical information

When booking land transport, you must place your booking before 12:00noon on the previous day. State the number of items, the measurements and the weight of the consignment and whether you wish to buy our cargo insurance. 

If your consignment weighs less than 2,500 kg, please book our DB SCHENKERsystem solution. If you require a specific lead time, please book DB SCHENKERsystem premium, which guarantees you a specific lead time.

For consignments in excess of 2,500 kg, please book our DB SCHENKERdirect solution.

If delivery of your consignment is urgent, please book our express product.

Find lead times here. 

Additional charges

Additional charges are made on some transports and are adjusted on a monthly basis, following the development of costs in the market.

Capacity charge since 1st July 2021: 6.3 percent
The increase in the volume of cargo and market growth currently exceeds the capacity on the roads, which has led to a shortage of drivers and an increase in carriers’ costs.

Oil charge as of 1st July 2021: 34,3 percent
As a consequence of the fluctutatios in oil prices an oil charge is calculated, which is adjusted according to the monthly average oil price.

Currency and exchange rate adjustment charge as of 1st July 2021:

  • Sweden: 4,0 %
  • Switzerland: 16,8 %
  • Norway: 0,0 percent

Shipping charges in these countries are based on local currency, which may fluctuate significantly. The charges are thus adjusted on a monthly basis.

Green charge from 1 January 2015: DKK 55 per consignment
Covers green charges for carriers, green charges and expenditures in relation to hubs, storage hotels and container suppliers.

Road tax 
Several countries have introduced road tax on certain roads; see a schedule of these countries here.

Charge for road repairs to the A7 in Germany since 2015

  • Minimum additional charge per consignment     DKK    17.50
  • Additional charge per 100 kg tax weight            DKK     1.20
  • Maximum additional charge per consignment    DKK  180.00

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