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Truck on the road

Temperature-controlled transport

Do you have special requirements for the quality and security of your transports? Are your goods temperature sensitive? Or do you wish for your goods to be transported in high-quality trailers approved for food and perishables? Then, DB Schenker is the right collaborator for you.

When we transport your goods, the temperature requirements stipulated by you will be complied with for the duration of the transport, ensuring that your goods are not damaged. Our extensive experience with all types of temperature-controlled transport within Nordic groupage, part and full-load consignments makes us market leaders.

Guaranteed secure temperature-controlled transports with the best network

We will provide you with the best solution, whether it includes air or ocean freight, rail or road transport, as all our products offer temperature-controlled transport. We can help you with refrigerated and other temperature-controlled transports, depending on the type of goods to be transported.  
Our daily departures across Europe provides you with a flexible network, which ensures that your temperature-sensitive goods arrive on time. Our dedicated temperature-controlled transport team in Aalborg have more than a total of 150 refrigerated trucks at their disposal, which all are approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration for the transport of food and perishables – read the test reports here. 

Our trailers are FRC-approved for refrigeration according to EU standards, which means that the temperature may be adjusted from 15⁰C to -18⁰C in less than an hour. 
In addition, all our temperature-controlled trailers are equipped with GPS monitors, allowing us to monitor the temperature of the goods throughout the transport. In that way, we minimise the risk of the goods being damaged in transit, which ultimately safeguards you against lost sales.

In real terms, you are guaranteed that all equipment is in working order and clean and that the transport is conducted in orderly conditions.

Benefit from our extensive experience with temperature-controlled transports

Transporting temperature-sensitive goods requires specialist knowledge of a range of subjects such as regional, national and local provisions pertaining to the import and export of temperature-sensitive goods and knowledge of specific types of products. 
We offer solutions within:

  • Medico/Pharmaceuticals
  • Meat and dairy products 
  • Fruit/Vegetables 
  • General refrigerated foods and perishables

Our temperature-controlled transport team in Aalborg has 30+ years’ experience with handling international temperature-controlled transports and are very knowledgeable on the subject; an experience which we make use of every day in identifying the best solutions based on a variety of requirements such as time of delivery, price and, not least, in relation to the specific goods to be transported. 

Contact us today for further information 

We are only a telephone call away and are always ready to assist you and your company, regardless of the type of assignment. 

Contact us today for further information. 

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