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Multimodal transports

DB Schenker understands that no two customers are entirely alike. This also applies to their needs and requirements of transport solutions. For this reason, we have developed our very own multimodal transport solutions, which are designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers. 

We combine several modes of transport to give you the best transport solution

Designing the optimum transport solution for a company takes a great deal of careful consideration.

The objective is identifying the optimum solution based on a range of variables such as transportation time, finances and not least in relation to the goods to be transported. 

This is specifically a challenge in relation to companies transporting considerable volumes of goods. The greater the volume, the greater the distance, the greater the intricacy. 

Our multimodal transport solutions combine all our transport solutions, consisting of ocean and air freight as well as rail and road transport, which we combine into a unique transport solution adapted to your specific requirements. 

Our multimodal solutions include, amongst others:

  • Intermodal transport, combining rail and road transport
  • Skybridge, combining air and sea transport 
  • China train – transport from China to Europe via the Silk Route 

You enjoy a multitude of advantages when choosing multimodal transports

Choose one of our multimodal solutions and become part of one of the greatest networks with hundreds of rail and road transport departures across Europe. Collating your transports in one integrated transport solution provides you with flexibility, options and advantages.
Some of the most significant advantages are: 

  • A reduction in the total number of deliveries
  • A reduction in transport costs 
  • A reduction in your vulnerability to congestion
  • Guarantee that your goods arrive safely
  • A significant reduction in CO2 emissions 

Benefit from our considerable experience and global overview

As a DB Schenker customer, you benefit not only from our extensive transport network but also from the extensive international knowledge and experience of our employees. 
Our experience means that we can quickly help your company identify the best solution regardless of the parameters paramount to you. 
We always focus on identifying the optimum solution in relation to transportation time, environmental impact and, not least, price. Therefore, designing the perfect multimodal transport solution requires a thorough knowledge of the products to be transported to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of each mode of transport – and we know all about that.

Contact us today and let us identify the right solution for your company.

Our Multimodal Solutions Products