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Intermodal rail and road transport

DB Schenker offers you a closely-knit network with rail transport and several hundred Europe-wide departures. We easily and safely transport a significant amount of goods across many countries and will deliver to your doorstep. By combining rail and road transport, we let you enjoy the advantages of both in an intermodal transport solution.

High-speed intermodal transport

One of the greatest advantages of rail transport is that the rails never sleep. In other words, on rails, the goods are always on the move, as locomotives do not need breaks. At the same time, it is a safe mode of transport, as unforeseen changes in traffic, which may potentially extend the delivery time, are eliminated. These may consist of congestion, sudden jams, roads becoming impassable due to the weather or on holidays. And, not least, intermodal transport is environmentally friendly due to reduced CO2 emissions.
Our cooperation with all leading providers of goods railway transport means that we have a giant network, which reaches across every continental nation, and we offer door-to-door service on all transports. In Europe especially, a close-meshed network with many rail hubs and rail ports will be at your service, ensuring that there is always a solution close to both the point of pick-up and the point of delivery. Globally, our hubs, storage hotels and cross-docking facilities are also at your disposal, allowing us to consolidate your deliveries.
If the rail network extends to your supplier, factory or storage facility, the advantage is even greater as we offer a solution, which makes use of those options. Our trains are present on several routes and our experienced and dedicated specialists always find the optimum solution to your assignment. 

On the line between Italy and Denmark, we offer you use of our dedicated rail solution – Railog. This connects our special daily groupage transport with our giant road transport network to and from the rest of Scandinavia. You may book our standard solution or our premium solution with even faster delivery.

Enjoy more advantages with intermodal transport

The larger the amount and volume of goods to be transported, the more advantages you can enjoy and the greater your savings – both in financial terms and with respect to your CO2 emissions. Intermodal transport, in which we combine road and rail transport, are cheaper than other modes of transport, and you are therefore able to save money by using our trans-European solutions.
Whether you order tiles, food, clothes, furniture, machines or other goods, we have the right equipment to handle your transport. As a proactive collaborator, we monitor your transports electronically and keep you up to date on anticipated time of delivery and of any changes occurring.

We offer the use of all types of carriages, many of which have a load capacity of 60 tons. So, whether you have a single consignment, enough goods to fill a container or trailer, we handle it with ease and send it along Europe’s greenest path.  

Contact us today for further information 

Our experts are always available by phone to provide you with an idea of how you can optimise your business by making use of intermodal transport. 
DB Schenker offers you a tailormade solution, which is adapted to your needs in terms of price, time of delivery and mode of transport. Contact us today and let us help you find the right solution for your business.