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Parcel deliveries

As part of our courier service, we also offer transport and delivery of parcels. When dispatching a parcel with DB Schenker, you are always certain that it is delivered on time. Thanks to our extensive transport network, we guarantee quick and cheap delivery of all parcels of up to 50 kg. Our online booking system makes it easy for you to find the best solution – every time.

Quick and reliable transport of parcels throughout Europe

As a DB Schenker customer, you are given access to the top transport network in the market, not only in Denmark but in all of Europe. Our parcel service will provide you with many advantages and is far cheaper than air freight and far quicker than road transport.

Our extensive experience with route planning and our substantial fleet of transport vehicles mean that we can ensure that your parcels are delivered on time – regardless of their destination.

We offer parcel deliveries of up to 50 kg and, apart from offering quick delivery of parcels, we also offer a range of additional services: 

  • Private deliveries 
  • Deliveries to parcel shops 
  • Returns from parcel shops

Identify the right solution for you through our online booking portal

DB Schenker wishes to ease the process of identifying the correct transport solution. This is the reason why we offer our customers access to our user-friendly booking system.
You have the option of integrating our booking system into your company’s own IT platform, which eases the process of booking and tracking your consignments.

In that way you always have easy access to an overview of your consignments throughout the transport and can ascertain that your parcel has arrived safely at its destination.

Our dedicated employees always manage to identify the transport solution which best fits your needs, whether it is a matter of road and rail transport, ocean and air freight or courier and parcel transport.
We also offer consolidated pick-ups which means that you can book different modes of transport with DB Schenker for one complete pick-up.

Contact us today for further information

Our transport specialists are always ready to help you and your company - and we are only a call away, every day all year round. Contact us today and let us find the right solution for your company!