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Customs clearance

When transporting goods across international borders, your consignments will often be subject to both fees and excise duties. Only within the EU is the transfer of goods between the member states not subject to excise duties.
The many customs regulations governing the international transport of goods may be a substantial hurdle for any company, regardless of size. Fortunately, we are always ready to give you a hand by preparing all the paperwork for you and thereby ensuring that your goods arrive quickly and safely at their destination. 

Our AEO certification guarantees top-quality handling of customs clearance

Our customs clearance experts have extensive experience in international customs clearance of goods whether the transport is undertaken by ocean or air freight or by rail or road transport.

Our AEO certification is your guarantee that your transport documents will always be correctly prepared, as we stay on top of regulations, updates and changes on your behalf. The certification means that we have dedicated contact persons within the Danish tax authority, SKAT, and that priority is given to the management of our cases; this enables the timely crossing of borders as well as a host of advantages to you when we handle the export of your goods.

Our experienced customs clearance team can provide advice and training within a wide range of subjects, including: 

  • Import
  • Export
  • Bonded warehouses
  • Intrastat
  • Inward processing arrangements

Let us assist you in entering new markets

Our extensive experience, significant expertise and, not least, global overview of the development in tariff rates mean that we are proficient in completing customs paperwork and handling customs clearance in new markets and are thus able to save your company time and money.

Tariff rates vary significantly. They are determined on a range of factors, including:

  • The country from which the goods are to be imported
  • The type of goods in question
  • The value of the specific goods

As one of the leading providers of transport and logistics solutions, we have offices worldwide, which can assist in customs clearance on entry into the various markets, whether it is entry into China, India, the USA or Argentina. Calculating tariffs due on goods from China and the USA, respectively, are two different matters altogether.

DB Schenker offers you a complete solution, in which we, as your company’s customs’ broker, ensure that all customs papers are completed correctly, and we also design the best and cheapest transport solution for you – regardless of the goods to be transported.

Contact us today for further information

Our customs clearance team is always on call to help you and your company. Contact us today and let us design the right transport solution for your company!