Cargo insurance

Your goods are your livelihood, so why not insure them against damage? It will cost you a relatively small amount of money to insure your goods, protecting you from any losses.

Your goods are vulnerable both when they are loaded and when they are transported from the supplier or your company to their destination. They are being moved from a secure position in a warehouse to being transported by road, air or ocean and this involves a risk of accidents and damage to all or part of the goods.

When you book transportation with us, you can easily take out insurance cover. Insuring in-transit goods -  from collection to delivery is surprisingly reasonable. If your goods are damaged or are lost in transit, the insurance company will cover the amount of insurance taken out – as well as the cost of transportation, naturally. In that way, you do not need cover from your own insurance, which often includes a considerable excess.

The price of the insurance depends on the value of the goods, and you take it out when you book your transport. The insurance does not include excess.

We cooperate with a renowned insurance company, which provides easy and quick service, ensuring that any compensation is provided without delay.

If you do not take out insurance cover on your goods, we provide cover of 7.33 SDR/kg in accordance with NSAB 2015 as well as limitation of liability.