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The transport giant DB Schenker launches new general cargo concept with the largest European network

DB Schenker has created a new system which, through a new general cargo concept with daily departures, connects their 430 transport hubs in 38 European countries. At the same time, DB Schenker launches two new products: DBSCHENKERsystem and DBSCHENKERsystem premium.

Guaranteed delivery or your money back. The message of one of DB Schenker’s new general cargo products is this simple; the product, DBSCHENKERsystem premium, is up to two days quicker than DBSCHENKERsystem. ”It is of great advantage to our customers that we have shortened our delivery time by introducing daily departures at all 430 European transport hubs. The goods no longer need to wait for the truck to depart on a certain weekday, because there are truck departures every day to all European hubs in all countries.

DB Schenker’s new value-for-money product is DBSCHENKERsystem, the prime solution for companies needing quick delivery through a flexible transport network. If speed is of the essence, then DBSCHENKERsystem premium is the solution, because the goods are delivered in the quickest transit time possible with guaranteed delivery,” says Michael Thomasen, Head of Customer Solutions. 

On a daily basis, more than 20,000 DB Schenker employees handle approximately 300,000 shipments through the pan-European network. ”We make the best use of the network throughout Europe and this will increase the productivity and efficiency of our customers,” ends Michael Thomasen.

In 2017, DB Schenker focused on optimising the European truck routes to increase the efficiency of the network and, thus, obtain the shortest transit times in the market.