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Wearable robots for healthier working conditions

DB Schenker has extensively investigated the use of exoskeletons at several logistics locations in Germany, in order to relieve warehouse personnel of physically-demanding tasks in the long term.
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The Yellow Vest in France is affecting the transports

Even though the government was suspending the fuel tax increase for six months in order to appease the country, demonstrations continues around the country. Furthermore a union has called for nationwide demonstrations to take place on Friday, December 14.

Status from 22nd November 2018

Since 19 November, the Yellow West movement has made accessibility difficult in France, giving rise to all traffic in France challenges. Therefore, goods to or from France may be delayed.

The situation is escalating day by day which also means that more and more roads and gas stations are being blocked, and more and more people join the movement.
The road blocks are on the among others on following highways: A7, A8, A11, A16 (at Calais) A28 and A71. In addition, demonstrations move on different roads continuously, which blocks all traffic.

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