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There are many possibilities in Iceland

Even though Iceland has only 350,000 inhabitants, the Icelandic’s are importing huge amounts of goods. Due to the limited production in the country, everything that is needed must be imported. In 2017 goods were imported in the sum of approx. DKK 40 billion and of that DKK 2.5 billion originated in Denmark and with DB Schenker as the only international shipping company in Iceland, the Danish manufacturers have a big advantage.

‘Many Icelandic businesses receive goods from several countries and appreciate the ability to use one single shipping agent for all transports and logistics from the whole world. This demand has necessitated that we have grown from 5 to 17 employees in the latest years to keep up with our customers’ successes,’ tells Jakob Hafstein, Sales Import Manager of DB Schenker Iceland, and continues: ‘We can offer short transit times from the whole world at good prices thanks to our large global network. And with weekly departures from for example Jutland, the goods arrive here quickly, and therefore Danish businesses can service their Icelandic customers on a high level. Besides that, we have very excellent customer service, which the customers of DB Schenker notice and benefit from.’

Iceland’s largest sources of income is the fishing industry and tourism. In fact, 2,2 million tourists passed through Reykjavik Airport in 2017. Along with tourism, business-start-ups generate growing demand which again raises the importation thus the potential for Danish companies go up exponentially.

‘We collect goods from all of EU, and every Thursday several 40’ containers are loaded at a terminal in Jutland, and subsequent departure is on Fridays. The goods arrive to Iceland already on Wednesday. Our local terminal in Reykjavik de-vans the container so that the goods are handled in the best possible manner and quickly delivered to the consignee,’ says Kent Larsen, Sales and Market Director at DB Schenker Denmark.

However, it is not just our Ocean department that is able to service customers with goods for Iceland. If it must arrive faster, the airfreight solution can be utilized, where we offer overnight delivery.


Iceland has approx. 350,000 inhabitants and hold the following world records:

  • Largest CocaCola consumption per inhabitant
  • Largest internet use per inhabitant
  • Most golf courses per inhabitant
  • Most writers in the world per inhabitant