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Time definite delivery with guarantee!

Be guaranteed delivery of groupage cargo before 13:00 hours when you book DB Schenker system premium. This gives new possibilities for many customers who will have opportunity to optimize the entire sales- and production planning.

The groupage concept have daily departures in all of Europe, which gives faster lead times launched last fall. Something the market has welcomed and something that Callenberg Europe has been missing: ‘We have lacked faster delivery times especially to Southern Europe. Previously we have looked at other solutions when we have goods to Italy, but we do not need to do that any longer’, tells Peter Sjöström, Warehouse Manager at Callenberg.

Callenberg Technology Group has deep roots in the Swedish industry, and with warehouses in Gothenburg plus several locations in Europe, quick and easy transportation is all-important for the business. And it is exactly the reason that DB Schenker's new groupage concept with daily departures is a valuable solution. Especially the new delivery time to Hungary creates excitement: ‘It is really great with the new product because it simplifies things for us. Prior to this Hungary was farther away’, continues Peter Sjöström.

The vast majority of Callenberg’s transports are planned and executed in plenty of time. But sometimes there are urgent matters: ‘Last fall we had a pressing situation where some material needed to ship to Germany. So we used the new and faster transportation solution’, says Peter Sjöström.

The new time definite delivery is an option to the premium product which already secures up to two days faster delivery, and guarantees the delivery time*. ‘It gives a better overview for our customers who may have some time critical deliveries to both their customers and to production, to know precisely where and when their products or parts of product will be arriving. In this way they can better plan production and processes across the countries in Europe’, says Kent Larsen, Sales- and Marketing Director for DB Schenker Denmark.

‘Part of the success is probably that we have developed a product based on the customers need. Now we operate according to the customers conditions so the goods is always on a truck on its way through Europe the day after they have booked a transport’, explains Kent.

Time definite delivery was launched on April 3, 2018 all over Europe. The option is only available the when System Premium solution is selected for Groupage transport.


*If delivery deviates from the selected time of day, the amount charged for selection can be refunded. If good is delivered later than on the selected day DB Schenker can refund the freight amount excluding public taxes and surcharges. Condition for refund is that neither sender nor receiver has caused the delay, nor can the delay be due to customs formalities or force majeure. You will find general transit times on https://eSchenker.DBSchenker.com/ under scheduling. All jobs are handled according to NSAB 2015.