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Vagabond about their total agreement with DB Schenker

The world is changing and every day new demands are made on suppliers. This applies both to us who have Vagabond as a customer, but also to Vagabond who have to take care of their customers' interests. Each customer have requirements for a logistics provider and the agreements are rarely the same. It requires specifications and solid preparation to set up the right tailor made solution.


The benefits of the collaboration

The total agreement with DB Schenker saves both Vagabond for time and money. Ketil Lassen, Logistics Manager at Vagabond says about the solution:

"DB Schenker has both power, crew and flexibility. We do not have the resources or space to handle it ourselves. We are good at selling shoes and service, and let DB Schenker do what they are capable of."

When an agreement is being made, it is always done with the intention, that the customer will have the best solutions. Ketil explains that Vagabond has frequent dialogue with their DB Schenker contact in Kolding, so if any desired changes occur, it can be changed on a regular basis. "There is mutual respect between the partners, and we always find a good solution." Today we have to be adaptable and prepared for the world – yesterday do not look like today. We must have one's readiness and adaptability to customer needs. This applies to both us and for Vagabond.

Both companies have concluded the agreement with a view to a long-term agreement, which must run smoothly and with respect for each other's work. Ketil supplements: "We are very pleased with the cooperation. We are looking forward to and expecting a long-term partnership with DB Schenker."


Why DB Schenker?

Vagabond had some very specific and comprehensive requirements for their new supplier. This included a barcode system, so that all items can be scanned and trackable. A warehouse with sorting bands and a good network in Germany was also among Vagabond's requirements. The latter because Vagabond's largest market is in Germany, and it is therefore important for them to have a good knowledge about this market.

"The choice fell on DB Schenker because they could offer us a total agreement. They handle all goods for Vagabond. It includes both warehouse and distribution networks. From our perspective, it is a very good deal. We had some demands for our new business partner and DB Schenker met them all."

Cross docking is an advanced logistics solution that allows us to take care of all Vagabond sorting tasks. It helps to optimize the company's supply chain, collecting all deliveries and sending them together. DB Schenker offers Cross Docking throughout the world, and you can easily track your shipments through our tracking system.

Vagabond supplies are stored at our warehouse hotel in Kolding. The last part of the supply chain is usually the most critical as it is one of the last steps before Vagabond's products reach their customers. But the warehouse hotel makes it easy, we manage the logistics and deliver the packages to Vagabond customers.


How the collaboration started

The collaboration between DB Schenker and Vagabond started 4 years ago in 2014, when Vagabond chose to replace their current supplier after almost 20 years. "We stood in a urgent situation and needed some changes, so we contacted several suppliers. But the choice eventually fell on DB Schenker", says Ketil.

The price is an important factor in the choice of transport and logistics supplier, but for Vagabond it was equally important to choose a well-functioning supplier. For with whom there were a mutual respect for each other's areas of expertise and a good dialogue. The beginning is always difficult, because the two sides must interfere and learn to work together. But over time we have found our way

Tygesen A / S is a distributor of the brand Vagabond in Denmark. It means that they buy goods by the manufacturer and sell them to stores and webshops. The company is located in Tønder and has approx. 20 employees. The collaboration with Tygesen A / S is being expanded as the company has taken new business activities under its wings, which they would like DB Schenker to take care of in relation to transport and logistics solutions.