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Why did Bloomingville choose DB Schenker – and how is the relationship working out?

There are various things which are the determining factors for customers, since two logistic set-ups are never the same. This is the reason that DB Schenker in October 2017 introduced a pan-European network with daily departures from all 430 land-terminals in Europe – but is it working? And which affect does it have on the customers? We have asked one of the leading global interior brands Bloomingville, who is a customer with us and has been so for 1,5 years.

The daily departures are a large and important advantage, thinks Helle Ravn Jacobsen, Supply Chain Manager at Bloomingville: ‘For us it means that we can clear the warehouse floor daily which gives a better production for our warehouse. At the same time, our customers know that we make daily deliveries and see that as a strength’. With DB Schenkers eServices there is integrated Trace&Trace system, so there is always visibility of where the goods is located, and therefore a completely transparent cooperation between DB Schenker and our customer.

Get an idea of life as a DB Schenker customer

With over 2000 locations globally and 730 in Europe alone, DB Schenker has the largest and finest knitted network, which can deliver at all places at any time. I different teams there are more than 300 workers in Denmark who in each of their areas have expertise and cooperate to develop solutions for the customer:

‘We have many different contact persons who are specialists, all depending of destination of the shipment. It works well. There is good cooperation when we are honest and open towards each other, so we can all develop’, says Helle: ‘We experience DB Schenker as solution-oriented with many possibilities. DB Schenker handles transports to all our European markets. We have had some challenges on certain markets, but DB Schenker has focused on optimizing and solving the problems’.

At DB Schenker the philosophy is that all customers must be treated equally well, large as well as small, and it will become clear when you become a customer: ‘We chose DB Schenker for their customer service and good pricing. We can feel that we have a strong team behind us with focus on quality and customer service’, Helle continues.

Which products are Bloomingville utilizing?

Within groupage, meaning goods under 2500 kilo, a standard solution is booked and various additions such as advisement of arrival and time definite delivery date/time are selected. If it is urgent, Bloomingville uses DB SCHENKERsystem premium, which is up to two days faster and has money back guarantee. Occasionally there is need for express delivery.

On larger shipments over 2500 kilo, which include groupage and full loads is used DB SCHENKERdirect product. The goods will be driven on a door-to-door solution without re-loading and terminal handling. With a giant fleet of trucks in all of Europe, DB Schenker finds the best suited and well-placed trucks for every assignment, which can fill specific demands such as temperature regulated transports and dangerous goods.

All can be booked easily in DB Schenkers eServices, which also offers package – and courier shipments