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Invest in Egypt. Count on us.

Tailored Logistic and Supply Chain Solutions

Whether your investments are in industry, agribusiness, trade, service sectors or infrastructure development, whether they serve local and regional consumer markets or your global value chain and whether they are already established, still under establishment or even under studies, you can count on us to be your Reliable Logistics Link in Egypt.

Why choose DB Schenker in Egypt?

Companies in all business fields compete through their supply chains and the logistics that makes that supply chain deliver a competitive advantage. The fact that business choses a market in our case Egypt is mostly driven by features that will create a supply chain and logistics competitive advantage. In many cases the pre-investment study overlook to make reality check against the professional work made by supply chain and logistics experts in other markets than Egypt. In addition, could depend on textbooks, published laws that talk about the different factors that impact supply chain and logistics in Egypt local market and its import and export environment. We will be more than happy to work with all potential and existing investors to fine tune their supply chain and logistics strategies, or even better help them to finalize, or prepare them jointly. It is important to consider below elements before making you initial investment, or expansion decision:

  1. Where to locate your factory, stores or other outlets, maintenance centers.
  2. Which law you establish your business under, free zone, or other forms.
  3. Which customs law you adopt drawback, or temporary import.
  4. What items to source locally and what you import, and from which origins in case of alternatives.
  5. What supply chain and logistics services and solutions to insource. And what to outsource, and how you can tender and contract them if Schenker will not be your selected 3PL. 

Through our well-trained local staff, we ca help you answer all questions related to establishing your company, issuing licenses and permits, making fast track temporary solutions until all formalities are completed. We also can handle all such processes at very competitive pricing and conditions.

When you are starting construction, or the import of capital goods, sometime the company is not fully functioning yet, and not all staff is in place yet. We will act as your logistics arm within your project management team, and we will handle traditional logistics, as well as extended logistics such as site management, casual labor recruitment, vendors’ selection and subcontracting on your behalf, etc.

In addition, we can just set a control tower to make sure all deliveries of your construction materials and equipment are done in right sequence, delivered in good condition, insurance claims are made on time and correctly, and most of all demurrage, storage, and delay penalties are avoided.

Whether you are looking for completely in-house logistics team, or you want fully outsource all supply chain and logistics function we have that ability to satisfy your requirement. We also can provide s payroll service for supply chain and logistics staff. We can merely help you recruit and train them. Moreover, we can supply you with casual warehousing labor and handling equipment and trucks drivers, etc. all of such services offerings will make sure to maintain all your corporate compliance and HSSE rules.

Wrong consideration of logistics cost may lead to a decision not to go for the investment, or also may lead to making wrong assumptions and commitments on profitability and cash flow commitments made towards your head office, board, financers, or even customers. We will help you budget more diligently, and more importantly we will help you to optimize the already existing budget or the budget we will develop jointly.