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Border Control Surcharge United Kingdom

Cross-border shipments across the British Isles have recently been subject to Brexit procactive checkings, that have caused considerable delays in deliveries around Europe.  Due to the slowdown of the round trips, more vehicles as well as more drivers are required to cover the demand. As a result, not only the equipment costs, but also the labour costs for transports to United Kingdom are considerably increasing.

Many freight forwarders have partly declined transports to the UK, but DB Schenker has decided to continue the service to the UK. However, to be able to guarantee the best possible service despite time delays and associated costs, we will impose an additional Border Control Surcharge as of April 8th 2019. The surcharge is 3 Euro per 100 kilogrammes and it applies to UK and Ireland and both import and export consignments.

For more information please contact your DB Schenker contact person.