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Brexit surcharge for UK transports

The transition period of Britain's separation from the EU ended at the turn of the year. There was less traffic congestion than anticipated, but a significant increase in documentation obligations has congested the customs clearance process. Because of these congestions, we had to suspend shipments to UK for a while in mid-January.

Brexit has affected UK transports mainly in three ways: In order to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, we check all documents required for customs clearance in advance with the various transportation parties in Finland. Controls at the British border have mainly been transferred to customs authorities at the destination, which has reduced vehicle congestion at the border, but the queues for customs processing are congested. The circulation of transport equipment has slowed down considerably due to lack of transports from UK.

Because of these effects, we introduce the Brexit surcharge for UK export and import shipments. The surcharge applies to both groupage transports (System) and part and full loads (LTL, FTL). The amount of the surcharge is 2.50 € / 100 kg based on the chargeable weight, maximum 140 € / shipment. The surcharge will take effect on shipments picked up from Wednesday February 3, and is valid until further notice.

We anticipated these effects of Brexit in our news on December 15, 2020. If you have any questions, please contact your local DB Schenker Team for support and further information. Also check out our Brexit information package, where we gather up-to-date information on UK transports.