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Changes in exceptional situation surcharges

Due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, additional surcharges have been introduced for transports to ensure full-scale  transport services even in these challenging times. Now that the pandemic situation in Europe is easing we will review the surcharges as follows:

The Capacity Surcharge for part and full load shipments will be canceled on May 27th

We will cancel the Capacity Surcharge for part and full load import shipments. In these Direct services the surcharge has mainly been in use for import from southern European countries. The Capacity Surcharge will no longer be charged for import shipments with an arrival date in Finland on May 27, 2020 or after. The surcharge has not been in use for part and full load export shipments.

The Capacity Surcharge is still valid for international groupage shipments that is System services until further notice, as shipments still have to be transported on exceptional routes through several terminals. In the event of a pandemic, DB Schenker's terminal network has performed excellently and provided alternative transport routes to bypass congested border crossings.

We have informed about the Capacity Surcharge and prices in international transports in our news published on April 2, 2020.

The exceptional situation surcharge for domestic land transport will be canceled on June 12th

The temporary exceptional situation surcharge for domestic land transport has been in effect as announced in our news published on April 21, 2020. As the restriction of the spread of the coronavirus affects transport services as before, the exceptional situation surcharge for domestic land transport is valid for shipments to be loaded until June 12th including that day.

Despite exceptional measures, this spring we have raised the quality of domestic transport services to an even higher level than last year. For most recent edition of the COVID-19 global customer advisory update please visit https://www.dbschenker.com/global/meta/customer-information