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Changes in invoicing

DB Schenker updates its invoicing in Finland. Take a look at the new guidelines to keep your invoices running smoothly in the payment process. Please also make sure you include the DB Schenker reference person's email address in each invoice.

Extended payment times

The DB Schenker Group harmonises the payment terms in its procurement globally. As a result, the DB Schenker Group's companies operating in Finland, Schenker Oy among the others, extend the payment terms used for purchases to 60 days. The change will take effect on the 1st December 2018. In your invoicing, we ask you to update your payment terms to our new standard.

Electronic invoices only

In the same connection, we move into use of electronic invoices. We receive primarily e-invoices, but pdf-format invoices are also available through the pdf e-invoicing service.

For more information on the changes, see the guidelines below. Also, your contracting partner at DB Schenker will assist you if needed.


DB Schenker - PDF invoicing 2018.pdf